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Introducing the Brand New

Spin & Gold ELO Ranking System

What is it?

An ELO rating system is a way to rank players based purely on skill and win-rate, rather than on the size of their bankroll or budget!

There are 7 rating tiers you can achieve, starting at E tier for new players
all the way up to Grand Master rating for the top 100 rated players.

There are 7 rating tiers you can achieve, starting at E tier for new players all the way up to Grand Master rating for the top 100 rated players.

Whats the point of the ELO system?

The point of an ELO system is to provide a fair and accurate way to rank players, so that every player can compare themselves with opponents skill levels accurately. It is often used in games such as chess, board games, esports, and even some professional sports leagues. ELO ratings can help to ensure that games are competitive and enjoyable for all participants. However, match-making on GG will not be affected by ELO rankings. It is purely to highlight each player's skill level.

Does the system take stakes into account?

No. The system is purely based off of the results of your play. More top finishes will result in a higher rating. Likewise, bottom finishes will result in your rating going down. The only way to rank up is to win. The pot size is irrelevant.

Where is it?

The ELO rating system is easy to find.
Check it out in your GGPoker Client!

Where can I find my ELO rating?

The ELO menu tab can be found on the left hand side of the Spin & Gold screen. Rating and tier rank can be checked at the top of the ELO Rating page, among other statistics too. Ratings update daily at Midnight (UTC).

What games are included in Spin & Gold ELO?

Take a spin and join the fun! Spin & Gold ELO is available in all of your favorite Spin & Gold Game modes, with the exception of VIP Games.

How to rank up?

Rating tier increases along with skill.
Find excitement not just from money but also through points!

How do opponent ratings affect my points?

Playing against higher rated players will allow for larger gains or smaller losses. Meanwhile lower rated opponents will result in smaller gains or larger losses.

Each rating tier is awarded upon reaching a certain rating level. You cannot downgrade your tier level, even if you drop below that rating level, with the exception of Grand Master ranks, which only apply to the top 100 players.

How do I know I've reached the next tier?

Each time that you earn ratings you will see your total increase on the post-game screen. When your rating hits the level required for the next tier, you will see your rating level up to the next tier level.

go for a spin and show what you've got!

Terms & Conditions

• Players must be aged 19 and above to participate in this promotion.
• The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found here.
• If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGPoker.ca has the right to investigate and remove the players.
• GGPoker.ca reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
• GGPoker.ca standard rules apply.

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